Kosher Food

The Karlovy Vary Jewish Community leases the property and today it is leased to Dr. Natalja Lapina – a member of the Community who plans to turn Hotel Villa Lauretta into the 2nd kosher hotel in Czech Republic. Before the operational conditions permit it, kosher dining will be offered to guests through delivery from external suppliers. 

The offered breakfasts will consist of kosher Israeli products purchased from kosher shops in Prague, Vienna, and Munich. The breakfast menu will be supplemented with baked goods from bakeries that hold valid kosher certificates issued by the Chief Prague Rabbinate. All menu items will be served to guests on disposable tableware and in their original packaging, marked with the appropriate hechsher.

Lunches and dinners will be provided through catering services from the kosher restaurant Mizlala, located in Prague. This restaurant also holds a valid kosher certification from the Chief Prague Rabbinate. Food temperature preservation will be ensured using thermal boxes, and in necessary cases, it will be reheated in a special mode completely separate from Villa Lauretta's kitchen operations.

None of the meals on the kosher menu will be prepared or cooked in Villa Lauretta's kitchen; they will only be served on-site. Kosher meals will always be served on disposable tableware and will be served in a separate section of Villa Lauretta's dining area.

Reb Chaim Kočí, the spiritual supervisor (mashgiach ruchani) of the Jewish Community in Karlovy Vary, will oversee the observance of separation and adherence to kosher rules.

A stay with kosher meals must be booked and prepayed at least a week in advance.

To receive a price quote for your stay with kosher meals please message us at: